Handmade walking sticks by Canadian Artist

John Thompson in Kanata, Ontario


Here I am in Mabou, Cape Breton



Each Crooked Branch walking stick is considered one of the most finely crafted and highly treasured walking staffs throughout the world.

 Each and every walking stick is painstakingly hand selected from only the very best of Canadian Aspens by Canadian artist John Thompson. The staffs are chosen based on a blend of their balance, strength, comfort and character.

Carefully measured and tapered, each Crooked Branch walking stick is hand peeled, aged, sanded and then finished. The process not only adds to the strength and resiliency of the wood but also accentuates the natural fibre of the wood and helps extract and develop the unique personality and charm of the individual staff.

Each Crooked Branch walking stick then receives hours of individual crafting that is designed to specifically heighten character of the staff. The crafting includes the famous signature handgrip. The "braided grip" not only provides unparalleled handling but also actually massages the palm of the hand making the staff a true pleasure to use on long treks. The tip of each staff is covered and sealed with the famous "Thompson Cap". This copper cap eliminates wear and tear and protects the wood from damage.

Each Crooked Branch walking stick is individually numbered and signed by the artist and includes the date that the staff was created.

 The Crooked Branch walking stick is an investment in craftsmanship and quality that will last a lifetime.

Crooked Branch walking sticks sell for $50. Great value for a great product!


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